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Potato (Nightshade)

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Red and Russet potatoes contain a rich number of flavonoids anti-oxidants and quercetin, which have anti-tumour and anti-cancer properties.



Easily digestible and packed with nutrients, potatoes help reduce inflammation of mouth ulcers, the digestive system and intestinal tract.



Potatoes are easy to digest and help treat diarrhea. Start steaming…



Potatoes contain a good amount of vitamin B complex and some hormones, amino acids, fatty acids and iron, responsible to supply the brain with glucose and oxygene levels, improving the brain’s development.



Packed in vitamins (B, C) and minerals (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc), potatoes turn out to be great for your skin. Especially raw, they help heal burns and clean dark skin from elbows or eyes. Facemask anyone?



High in vitamin C, potatoes treat scurvy and frequent viral infections.



Potatoes regulate your blood pressure thanks to all that potassium. Better blood flow, less stress on your heart, good-bye hypertension!



Potatoes are composed of 70% water and fiber, and are easily digestible. Potatoes do good to your bowel business and will prevent constipation and ensuing diseases like colorectal cancers.





AUTOIMMUNE CONDITION Nightshades contain saponins, water and fat soluble elements, that interact with cholesterole molecules by creating holes in the cell membranes and thus contribute to a leaky gut. These punctures may allow unwanted substances to enter in the tissues and thus promoting toxins and disease. 


If potatoes are exposed to light or not stored properly, they will develop a formation of chlorophyll, which although in it self is harmless, will develop alkaloids, chemicals (like solanine, chaconin and arsenic) that may prove lethal!!!



Mainly made up of carbohydrates, and packed with vitamins and minerals, potatoes have a very high GI content. Although great allies to people who need to increase their body mass, including athletes and sumo wrestlers, an overconsumption of potatoes may counter-act on their heart healthy qualities and increase cases of rheumatisms.








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