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Melon: Honeydew (Cucurbitaceae)


ANTI-CANCER Melons are rich in carotenoids, antioxidants and phytonutrients like lycopene that prevent cell damage and has been proven to lower the risks of lung cancer.

BONE HEALTH Did you know that 100gr of melon contains 15gr of calcium! Not bad for a mouthful! That said, melon is great to promote and preserve healthy bones and teeth.

BOWEL BUSINESS Eat melons and smooth out your digestive troubles. High in fiber and water, they promote bowel movement. Rich in minerals, they help reduce heartburn and acidity.

ENERGIZE Rich in vitamin B complex, eating melons will metabolize sugar and carbs, replenishing you with good energy.

EYE HEALTH Beta-carotene, vitamin C, lutein and zeaxanthin protect the eyes from blindness and macular degeneration linked to ageing. Melons also keep eyes hydrated and preserve the optical nerves, preventing ailments such as glaucoma.

GLOW Rich in water and antioxidants, melons maintain a healthy skin, reduce signs of premature aging on the skin like wrinkles and spots and are a great hydrating source.
Melons, especially cantaloupe, promote hair growth, thanks to all that vitamin A.

HEART HEALTH A natural anti-coagulant, melons prevent blood cells to clot maintaining a healthy blood flow and a healthy heart, keeping risks of cardiovascular diseases at bay.

HOT IN HERE High amounts of water in melon cool the body’s temperature (through sweat etc), pretty handy in hot climates!

KIDNEY HEALTH Made up of 94% water, melons are great diuretic that flush out toxic deposits in kidneys. By doing that, they reduce uric acid concentration in the blood stream, prevent formation of calculi. Combine melon and lemon for an effective cure.

POTENT Melons contain an amino acid called arginine that has been proven to increase the blood flow gushing towards your birdie and be a stimulator and make your erection dysfunction a thing of the past!

WEIGHTLOSS Rich in water and giber, low in calories, melons make good friends on diet. Their natural sweetness will curb your cravings.


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