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Lentils (Leguminocae)

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ANTI-CANCER Studies have found that plant proteins found in lentils,  peanut, wheat, peas and soybeans have the power to control tumor growth.

ATHEROSCLEROSIS Chickpeas have been found to decrease the chances of developing atherosclerosis. High level of antioxidants eradicate free radicals by slowing down cell degeneration caused by ageing.

BOWEL BUSINESS Say goodbye to constipation! Rich in insoluble fibre, lentils relieve from digestive booboos as well as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Diverticulosis. YaY!

DE-STRESS Vitamins and minerals are essential for the healthy functioning of the brain. Lentils make sure your brains work tops as they also fight hypertension that causes DNA damage, which may later in time result in cancer. Fun. Eat lentils.

DIABETES FRIENDLY All that fibre makes you heart healthy with balanced blood sugar levels. Lentils are your friends, they are healthy, filling, and will curb that insulin resistance!

HEART HEALTH Rich in fibre, folate and magnesium, lentils improve blood flow in the vessels, lower homocysteine levels and help lower cholesterol levels. Eating chickpeas will reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases, strokes and heart attacks.

MUSCLE BUILDING Lentils - especially sprouted- are rich in amino acids that promote muscle repair and growth.

PROTECT YOUR BABY Rich in folate (the natural form of folic acid) which is necessary during pregnancy, lentils protect your baby from neural tube defects. The folate found in lentils helps in the formation of red blood cells, and plays a key role in maintaining homocysteine levels.

PROTEIN POWER High in protein, as most legumes, they are a great source of iron, promoting good oxygenation of the body. You said curry?

WEIGHTLOSS Ever done a dhal dance? Lentils, and all kinds of lentils, are low in calories, and will keep you fuller longer (thanks to being complex carbs, slow energy burning). Toss them in a salad, warm up to them in the winter, they are versatile, delicious and varied.

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