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Garlic (Amaryllidaceae)


Antioxidants found in garlic protect against cell damage and ageing, and may prevent brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementia.

ANTI-BACTERIAL & FUNGAL The high sulphur found in garlic makes it a great antibiotic to flush toins out of the body. It has been found that garlic would hlp children affected by tapeworm infections.

BONE HEALTH Garlic promotes bone density and is particularly efficient with menopausal women.

BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM Garlic builds immunity, relieve a stuffed nose and fights against the common cold.

BUG REPELANT! Egyptians and through to Medieval times, many cultures have used garlic as a bug repellent!

HAIR HEALTH Garlic infused oil prevents hair loss, and may also reverse it! Start rubbing your scalp….

HEART HEALTH Garlic reduces blood pressure, helps lower cholesterol, clog out arteries and prevents heart diseases.  

PROTECT FROM COLORECTAL CANCER Daily consumption of garlic contributes to prevent stomach and colorectal cancers, and helps strengthen oveall immunity against cancer.

SKIN HEALTH Garlic has the potential to purify the blood and flush out toxins. A great start to a clear skin. It also protects the skin from free radicals that cause the decrease in collagen and ageing.
Garlic brings great relief  to  skin affected by eczema or fungal infections.

SMILE Garlic extract keeps cavity causing  bacteria at bay! Use a garlic based mouthwash…fresh!


ASTHMA SUFFERERS Garlic may present side effects to asthma patients.



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