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Avocado (Lauraceae)

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ORIGIN & VARIETIES Avocados grow into 3 main races - but find over 1000 cultivars amongst them:
The West Indian avocado: Large, round, lighter green and very thin and smooth skin, the flesh is golden and buttery.
The Guatemalan avocado (of which, the Haas): Perfectly pear shaped, with a dark brown pebbly and thick skin, the flesh is light green, rich and nutty.
The Mexican avocado (of which, the Fuerte): Thin, smooth dark green skinned with less oil content.

IN SEASON Depending on the different variety, avocados can thrive from humid tropical or Mediterranean climates to cooler high altitudes. They are widely cultivated in California, Florida, South America, Africa, some countries in the middle-east and Australia.



GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN Avocados contain Vitamin E that promotes healing of the skin, and the high amounts of B5 vitamins contribute to improving the quality of your skin. Avocados also are a great source of vitamin K, copper and trace elements that produce hemoglobin and collagen.

ANTIOXIDANTS The high amounts of antioxidants in avocados allow an easy absorption of antioxidants found in other foods.

LOWERS CHOLESTEROL Avocados have a fat content approximately 20 times higher than other fruits. The oils contained in avocados amongst which oleic acid and linoleic acid may help reduce (LDL) cholesterol levels and slightly increase (HDL) healthy cholesterol.

HEART HEALTH Avocados contain a high amount of fibre, good -unsaturated- fats and is easily digested. They also contain a very high amount of Phytosterols (similar to animal cholesterol) that are highly beneficial for cardiovascular health. It is recommended to consume avocados to protect from cardiovascular diseases and strengthen the immune system.

LUNGS /UNCLOG According to chinese medicine, avocados are great pulmonary lubricants and greatly helps to clear mucus from the lungs.

CANCER /PROSTATE Research has found that avocados actively contribute to cancer prevention and may reduce the proliferation of cancerous cell in the prostate.


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