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Asparagus (Asparagaceae)

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Asparagus originated in the Eastern Mediterranean basin and North Africa. They have been used for their medicinal qualities and in cooking since 3000 BC. They are widely cultivated today in temperate regions including the United States, South America, central and southern Europe and Mediterranean countries.

VARIETIES Asparagus are found in different sizes, colors and textures.  Thick and long spears: Green and firm stalks, white and tender or purple firm and woody. Thin and short spears: Green and tender.
Wild asparagus: Slim and long tender stalks.

IN SEASON Asparagus are harvested at the start of spring when they reach 6 to 8 inches tall.


ANTI CANCER/BREAST The high amount of phytoestrogens in asparagus may reduce cancer risks, amongst which, breast cancer.

DIURETIC …..AND SMELLY! Asparagus will make you pee...and you will know it! After eating asparagus, your urine is tainted and smelly! Nothing to worry about.

DRAIN & DETOX Asparagus are high in fiber, they help flush the digestive tract. They will help with water retention.  They help drain the gallbladder and kidneys and although they may help clear kidney stones, eat them in moderation.

GLOW The draining capacity of asparagus can help with dermatitis, and will improve your complexion.

HEART HEALTH Asparagus may ease hypertension and heart palpitations.

PROTECT YOUR BABY Asparagus contain folate and estrogen, they are a wonderful source of vitamin B9 which amongst other may protect pregnant women from premature birth and prevent neural tube defects!

RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS Asparagus a concentrated quantity of antioxidant, superior to many vegetables. Amongst which, flavonoids, phenolic acid, carotenoids...

UNCLOG Mighty draining, asparagus help with chronic bronchitis, pulmonary congestions, tuberculosis and arthritis.



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