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Bounce back to health post lockdown

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The Covid-19 lockdown has been a standstill and -financial, physical, emotional, psychological- shock to all. Whether we have experienced confinement from the pandemic for just a few weeks or extended months at a time (hello UK....) life seems to urge back into a "new normal" which, really, is everything BUT normal.

As most, this time in has been segmented in waves of adapting our lifestyles to our homes, from home office to home schooling and home gyming or grooming. Making space for your self in your space brings a lot of priorities to the table, like: a renewed sense of family, highlight a need for community, nurturing the home as a safe haven etc. In order to process all this, with kitchen cupboards packed with end-of-the-world sustenance in shapes of pastes, tins and can, our bodies certainly got the hit from an enforced sedentary lifestyle and comfort eating.

Many in my community, including myself, are complaining about their weight gain and not feeling right "in their bodies". There are 2 messages I'd like to convey here:

  • Firstly, cut yourself some slack. We are all on the same boat, and the emotional distress of the time we've been through had to be channeled somewhere. You've probably been through weight yoyos in your life and know how to rub it off. Also, remember that you have been more "still" than ever for a long period of time and by the time you're out again the weight will shed off naturally.
  • Second, now that you embody this self-awareness, be kind to yourself and transition into post-lockdown (ie: LIFE) with care. It is inevitable that most of us will instinctively binge on everything friends, booze, junk, outings and outdoors. Remind yourself that this impulse is only a reaction to the lockdown and ask yourself if you really miss being so hungover was actually really fun?

The psychological impact of this time on the way we nourish ourselves facinates me so much, and I would like to assist you with simple steps, accessible ingredients and delicious recipes to get through, for you to feel better physically and emotionally. Based on my experience during lockdown going through excessive mood swings, struggling with solitary fits and panic eating my feelings, I've decided to restore my mind and body with recipes that do not feel like a diet or a punishment, but rather, a feeling of coming back to life, into the world, embracing nature and my senses. As a result, I've created a Mediterranean ebook (still in progress at time of writing), with wholesome recipes that are good for all blood types (get that gut / brain connection pumping!), that I cannot wait to share with you.

Nourishing yourself well really is a whole lot of TLC for your mind and body.
Let's do it together :)

xo Lea

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