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ChewChoose is a nurturing foodie space embracing the healing power of food with wholesome cooking and events. Following 3 natural pillars: simple, seasonal and sustainable, all the recipes are based on the Blood Type Diet® for optimum living. We are the actors of our own wellbeing, when you Chew, you Choose!

Cooking truly is an act of love and nothing brings me more joy than the attention and care that churn into a meal for friends, family or an audience. This nurture comes from a deep yearning to soothe, comfort, invite togetherness and draw a little happiness into your heart. Health and our wellbeing are primary topics that rule my kitchen, and by sharing my passion for cooking, I hope to inspire you to tune into your body & mind needs and look into your fridge for the most naturally healing remedies: food!

I grew up between France and Lebanon, a heavy culinary heritage! Two polar cultures yet known for their love of produce, their respect of terroir and traditions, and a strong belief that things do get the table! These two generous cultures deeply influenced the way I engage with food, with consideration, curiosity and playfulness. The minerality of a very herby green salad in the fall or the soft bite of braised meat are simple things that never cease to inspire me.

Being health-aware today is common sense for most, but you might wonder about the Blood Type Diet®.

My father past away to a ravaging cancer at the young age of 53. With a yo-yo-ing lifestyle, my thirties firmly declared a need to slow down and relearn the way I tended to myself. Terrified by the cancer patterns in my family, I became convinced that food had the power to heal and potentially cure. My intention and research led me to the book “Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type” by the genetics professor Dr. Peter D’Adamo. Tried & tested, it turned my health around and is the backbone of how I eat today. On the Blood Type Diet, you enter the virtuous cycle of your own machinery, and naturopathy couldn’t prove more relevant. 

Listen carefully, and feed lovingly.
Eating the right foods will help you balance your emotions, tame your energy levels, nurture your sleep quality, heal your digestive tract, assist your weight loss. And most importantly, it will bring a sense of calm and happiness in your heart. Nourish well, be well.

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