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The hunter gatherer! Vigorous and devoted, the original blood type.

Confident and resilient, Blood type O have strong bodies and sturdy digestive systems. Blood type Os do best on a Paleo type diet emphasizing on animal protein and dark leafy greens. Super beneficial foods for blood type O -amongst others- are: grass fed beef, lamb, mutton, cod, swordfish, chicory, dandelion greens and prunes.


To draw from all of their positive physical energy, carbs like wheat, corn and barley are better avoided as they are transformed into fat. However cereals like rice, rye and oats are ok in moderation.


Highly energetic, type Os may be naturally very stressed and certain foods or drinks like coffee can trigger their adrenaline in the wrong way. Their excessive energy can make them irritable, and certain foods may contribute to find a balance like: parsley, alfalfa, aloe and peppermint, amongst others.


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